• 14 fitness session videos, increasing in difficulty, to develop the key muscle groups essential for skiing/snowboarding.
• All fitness session videos include specific training tips and advice.
• The key points of each fitness session are summarised below each video (the number of sets & reps, the recommended rest-times, the key objectives and benefits of the session).
• Most fitness sessions do not require specific fitness equipment.
• For more comfort and improved performance we advise using a gym-mat, an exercise-gym-ball (a Swiss Ball) and a skipping rope.
• The training and fitness programme is suitable from 14 years of age. Minors must be accompanied by a training & fitness professional.


• Warm up with the WARMUP video before each fitness session.
• Listen to your body.
• If you experience any pain before, during, or after a session, consult with a medical professional.
• For a personalised training we advise you to train in a gym in consultation with a fitness coach.
• Quick & Schedule-friendly.
• Each training and fitness video is under 3 minutes.
• On average, each training and fitness session lasts about 30 minutes.


• Aim to do regular training and fitness sessions, once or twice a week.
• The results you get on the slopes will be proportional to the regularity of your training.


• r = rest-time a complete set = all exercises sets repeated in sequence

Skiers and Snowboarders Physical Preparation

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